Retracting Clotheslines

Hills Retracting Clotheslines take all sheet sizes, extend easily and retract neatly out of sight. Available in 6-line and 4-line models.

Note: Wall anchors not included. Requires 4 x Masonry Anchors.

Sietro 6
Line Space: 39m
Line No.: 6

Quatro 4
Line Space: 26m
Line No.: 4

Fixed Head Hoists

Hills SupaŽ Fold clotheslines are just the right choice when there's no space for a rotary hoist.

Supafold 120
Line Space: 7m
Frame Size: 2.2m x 0.76m

Supafold 210
Line Space: 21m
Frame Size: 2.2m x 1.5m

Supafold 230
Line Space: 23m
Frame Size: 2.2m x 1.5

Supafold 230Adv.
Line Space: 23m
Frame Size: 2.2m x 1.5

Folding Frame Clotheslines

Hills Rotary Folding Hoists are the ideal solution for natural, fresh air drying. They can be folded and removed from the ground socket when not in use, to give you back your garden space.

Rotary 500™
Linespace: 56m
Frame Size: 4.0m

Rotary 450™
Linespace: 46m
Frame Size: 3.6m

Rotary 400™
Linespace: 32m
Frame Size: 2.9m

Proud to sell the Hills

Suttons have a long history of selling, servicing and repairing Clotheslines. Our reputation has been built on quality, affordable and dependable service.

Suttons are proud to sell the Hills range of Clotheslines. We offer both fixed and folding head hoists, folding frame clotheslines and retracting line clotheslines and accessories. Visit our Showroom to view the different models available and discuss which type of clothesline best suits your property and requirements.

In additions to Clothesline sales, Suttons install, service and repair all makes and models. Call us for all your rewiring, wind-up, top pipe and welding repairs.


As seen in backyards all over Australia and New Zealand, Heritage Hoists are an aluminium and galvanised steel, fixed place clothesline for those with a large washing requirement and room to spare.

Heritage Hoist 6
Linespace: 65m
Head Diameter 6.0m

Heritage Hoist 5
Linespace: 49m
Head Diameter 5.0m

Heritage Hoist 4
Linespace: 40m
Head Diameter 4.0m

Budget Range (non-winding) also available: 6, 5, 4m.

Folding Head Hoists
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